Nurith Lumer-Klabbers

Langballevej 5, Vinding, 8654 Bryrup.  tel: +45  30 95 96 75 st 

In my art I make visible that which I "see" and perceive around me, what we all sense is out there but often ignore or forget. I create an opening, a window, and invite the spectator to share it with me. My graphic works operate within a black and white universe and require dedication. These works are what I call my "pencil paintings". The black lines are only the setting, framing the white planes to set off the light, defining them. I express myself through the black lines because they allow me to illustrate a much larger reality. My present work is based on a spiritual perception of our universe. The idea that we normally see only one percent of the larger picture fascinates me enormously. I feel that the remainder is like an immense ocean, an inexhaustible source of energy, wisdom, and inspiration. With links to our history, faith, spirituality, hope, relationships, culture and ordinary everyday life, and exploring the borderland of black versus white, line versus plane, I create my pictures. That is how "the window" comes into being.


1955                               Born in Jerusalem, Israel
1960-1964                      Family residence in Nigeria and Ethiopia.
1964-1980                      Israel, primary, secondary school and Academy of Art
1981-1983                       Residence in Germany.
1983 - Present               Residence in Denmark.

1976-1980                            Bachelor of Fine Arts, Academy of art ’Bezalel’ Jerusalem,  Israel.
1992-1993                            School for Graphic Arts,  Aarhus, Denmark
2002                                    Psychology, Silkeborg Teachers’ College.
2004                                    Classical Drawing, Viborg School for Animation, Denmark

1994                                                        Book Cover: Helen Gamborg/ Het Onzichtbare in Genezing
1995                                                        UDSYN Nov. 2002: Spor: issue on Jewish influence in Danish and Swedish contemporary art. (Billede
                                             Galleriet),   UDSYN December 2002  Cover Illustration
2006                                    ”Grænser i Streg og Tanker”: Borders in Lines and Thoughts
2009                                    Illustration for Silkeborg City government budget.


2001                                     Knud Højgaard Fund.
2002                                    Dansk-Israelsk Study Fund in Mem. of Josef and Regine Nachemsohn.
2005                                    VHS Bergish-Gladbach Germany Exhibition Grant.
2005                                    Knud Højgaard Fund.
2006                                    Grænseforeningen, Denmark
2010                                     Knud Højgaard Fund.

Artist Group, ’SILKADEN’, Denmark;  Society Kunstnerhus Aarhus, Denmark;  ProKK;   BKF.- Artists federation, (a digital archive presenting Danish contemporary visual artists and their work)                


2018                                    Sølyst school, Silkeborg. DK
2016                                    Bakkeladets school, Grædstrup. DK
2016                                    Silkeborg city municipality.
2016                                    Bakkelandets Privet School, Grædstrup. DK
2014                                    Sølyst school, Silkeborg. DK
2013                                    Sølyst school, Silkeborg ”Dreams”
2012                                    TH langs school, indoor decoration.
2007                                   Silkeborg, Denmark: Mural (indoor).
2007                                   Flag installation, Silkeborg Papirfabrikken
1998                                    Silkeborg, Denmark: Mural.
1993-1994                           Bryrup Turistbureau, Bryrup, Denmark: Attrium Garden.
1990-1991                           Community Canter ’Toftevang’, Them, Denmark. 

Museums Exhibitions .

2018                                   Saatchi Gallery , London. screen presentation.

2018                                    Kirsten Kjær Museum. DK
2018                                    Art Center Silkeborg Bad  ” between space” Group exhibition. DK
2016                                    KunstCentret Silkeborg Bad. KKS instelation
2015                                    Museum Jorn , Silkeborg, DK. group exhibition
2015                                    Art Center Silkeborg Bad; separat exhibition, DK
2011                                     The Museum of National History, Frederiksborg Castel, DK
2010                                    Women museum, Aarhus. DK
2010                                    City mueum Aarhus, DK
2008                                   Frederikshavn Art museum, DK
2007                                   Paper museum, Silkeborg, DK.
2005                                   Dithmarscher Landesmuseum,  Meldorfer Culturprice  2005, Germany,
2005                                   Sallingsund Museum, Group  exhibition
2000                                   Art Center Silkeborg Bad; separat exhibition. DK
1992                                    Women museum, Aarhus; ’ITJE’ teater and ehibition- Pregnancy and Childbirth. DK

Important Exhibitions

CF Møller Aarhus
April udstilling Grenå
Silkaden, Silkeborg Gymnasium
Mærsk Oil KBH
Galleri Visby - Juni-August
Hobro KKS udstilling i Det Røde Pakhus - Juli

KunstCentret Silkeborg Bad. Instelation med KKS
Vrå , Påske udstilling
Sankt Petri Kirke KBH “Transformation”
BAD til Randers Kultur uge
Galleri Jakobsen Lønstrup
Skagen Odde Naturcenter fælles udstilling med KKS
Åbne Atelier Døre Silkeborg.
Spor Kunsten 2016
Repræsenteret i Galleri V58 Århus
Repræsenteret i Galleri Sulegaarden
Repræsenteret i Galleri Gl.Lejre

Diverse Kunstforeninger
KunstCentret Silkeborg Bad separat udstiling 25.4 -23.8.2015
KirstenKlær museum . Gruppe udstilling KKS
Mølen, Grenå, Gruppe udstilling KKS
Jorn museum Silkeborg. Silkadan jubileum udstilling.
Repræsenteret i Galleri V58 Århus
Repræsenteret i Galleri Sulegaarden
Repræsenteret i Galleri Gl.Lejre

Different Art associations
Fredens Sogn Odense, january
Randers Sygehus, June
Silkeborg Grafiske værksted Vandre udstilling
Easter exhibition, Nygård
Aarhus Kunsthal ”
Epidemics” group exhibition
Åbne Atelier Døre August
Åbne værksteder Spor Kunsten Oktober
Represented in Gallery V58 Århus
Represented in Gallery Sulegaarden

Different Art associations
Hvidovre Hospital Januar
Silkaden Marts
Fussingø Slot Eastern exhibition
Eastern exhibition with Silkeborg Grafiks
Galleri Sulegaarden, Summer exhibition.
”Open Studios”  Silkeborg – August.
Art Copenhagen with Galleri V58. September
”Open Studios – October
Culture Hous Skanderborg Oktober
Denmarks Radio Aarhus November
Representeret in Galleri V58 Århus
Representeret in Galleri Sulegaarden

Different Art associations
Representation i Agora Gallery New York
Representeret in Galleri V58 Århus
Representeret in Galleri Sulegaarden
Exhibition at Gallery Jakobsen in August
”House Artist” projekt på TH Langs skole, Silkeborg - Januar
Portrait exhibition i Jerusalem galleri, Jerusalem Israel – Marts
Grafik exhibition, Silkeborg DK
Prokk Ergo udstillingen – Aarhus DK,  Maj
Kombination gallery,  August-oktober
Jakobsen gallery - August
”Open Studios”  Silkeborg – August.
”Open Studios – October
Agora Gallery- november

Different Art associations
V58 gallery, Aarhus                                
Sulegaarden Gallery                                                      
The Museum of National History, Frederiksborg Castel “Portrait Now”                
City mueum Århus                                                        
V58 gallery, Aarhus, Summer exhibition
 Sulegaarden Gallery, , Summer exhibition                  
Graphics exhibition Silkeborg Theater    
”Open Doors” Silkeborg,                                              
Spor Kunsten                                                                                                            
”Silkaden”, Silkeborg                                                   

Different Art associations
RedGate Gallery London                                             
Leadership Foundation Norge
New Nordic Art Exhibition                                                                
City mueum Århus                                                        
Galleri Sulegaarden summer exhibition
”Open Doors” Silkeborg,                                              
Prokk Århus                                                                                        
”Silkaden”, Silkeborg                                                                          
Kvindemuseet Århus                                                                          

Sønderborg Hospital
Løndal Herregård (Castle)                      
”Open Doors” Silkeborg, august 09.
Galleri Sulegaarden summer exhibition   .
Galleri Humlum, 29.8 – 27.9
Open Studies, oktober 09
Different Art associations

Galleri Sullegaarden.
SE1 Gallery London
Frederikshavn Art Museum.
Different Art associations.
Silkaden, Silkeborg, Denmark: Group exhibition.

Flag Installation, Silkeborg.
Prokk Rider huse, Århus.
Paper Museum, Silkeborg.
North Art 2007 KiC, Germany.
Gallery Sulegaarden, Fyn.
Different Art associations
Silkaden, Silkeborg, Denmark: Group exhibition.

6.”Meldorfer Culturpreis” Dithmarscher Landesmuseum, Germany
Prokk Riderhuset Aarhus, Denmark.
Galleri Silkeborg Kunstnerhus, Silkeborg, Denmark.
”Mikkelberg” Center for Nordisk Kunst, Germany
Different Art associations
Silkaden, Silkeborg, Denmark: Group exhibition.

VHS Bergish-Gladbach, Germany.
The Evangelist Church,,  Bensberg, Germany.
Group exhibition on H.C Andersen at Galleri Silkeborg Kunstnerhus, Herregaard’s Gallery, Gl.Hammelmose. Brønderslev, Mikkelberg Husum Germany Center for Nordisk Kunst,  Hinnerup Kommunes kunstfond, Sallingsund Museum, Denmark

Different Art associations
Silkaden, Silkeborg, Denmark: Group exhibition.

Represented in Galleri Gl.Lejre, Gammel Lejre, Denmark.
Different Art associations
Silkaden, Silkeborg, Denmark: Group exhibition.

Ulstrup Castle, Denmark: Hvorslev Art Society.
Galleri Silkeborg Kunstnerhus, Silkeborg, DK: ”Signes in Space”
Silkaden, Silkeborg, Denmark: Group exhibition..

Galleri Gl.Lejre, Gammel.Lejre, DK: Summer Exhibition.
Varmegalleriet, Copenhagen, Denmark: Summer Exhibition.
Silkaden, Silkeborg, Denmark: Group exhibition.

Different Art associations
Silkaden, Silkeborg, Denmark: Group exhibition.

KunstCentret Silkeborg Bad, Silkeborg, Denmark; one-woman exhibition
Different Art associations


Nurith Lumer-Klabbers
Nurith Lumer-Klabbers was born in Jerusalem, Israel in 1955. She lives and works in Denmark since 1983.
Nurith is educated from “Bezalel” Art Academy in Jerusalem, Israel in 1981. Since than she was taking different courses in School for Graphic Arts,  Aarhus, Denmark, and Classical Drawing, Viborg School for Animation, Denmark

“In my work I strive for the precise and clear expression – the pure line.”
My work has covered theatre production and exhibition at the Women’s Museum in 1991 to various decorative projects.
Since 1996 I was mostly working with drawings and Pencil pictures as I call them.
 First with a series of drawings. ( big (122x244 cm.) and small) that describe the Danish burial mounds: a living connection between past and present, history and art, physical form and spiritual content. Which was exhibited at the Art Center  Silkeborg Bad  in an Individuel exhibition, in 2000

 Then I made a series of drawings that describe Jerusalem. I received a work scholarship from Knud Højgaard Foundation and the Danish-Israeli Study fund, with following exhibitions and lectures in Denmark and Germany.

 The shift from the Danish burial mounds to Jerusalem is not accidental.(coincidental). The fact that I was born and raised in Jerusalem, has given me particular sensitivity to cultural history and the human manifestation that’s why I “felt” over the Danish burial mounds.

In Jerusalem I grew up in close relation to concepts such as history, archaeology, religion, humanity, war and peace.
Jerusalem is a city with a long history and wide perspectives that can bring one to immerse in the existential, both in the elementary in everyday life and the philosophical, religious and spiritual issues.

So my work expressed the tensions between war and compassion, beauty and the bestial, religion and transformations, and relations between people.

Ja , the subject “Borders” fascinates me. On October, November  2006 I was exhibiting in Mikkelberg Art Centerin Gernmany. ”Borders” – National and personal borders.  Borders between the individual and the universe, between the sky and the earth , Boundary between the black and white line and surface. 
– with a grant from Grænseforeningen to publish the accompanying catalog, ”Borders in line and thought, ” co-authored with Ingrid Mejer Jensen.

With links to mine / ours past, religion, spirituality, hopes, relationships, culture, modern daily life and the borders between the black end the white, the line and the surfers, I create my pictures.

My work today is very much connected to a spiritual understanding of our universe. The idea that what we normally see is just 1% of the whole picture fascinates me. The 99% feels like a big ocean of wisdom and inspiration. In my art I visualise what I experience - Create a window.

Nurith Lumer-Klabbers and, the Artists’ Organization