TRANSFORMATION - Exhibition at Silkeborg Bad - From April 25 to August 23 2015

From April 25 to Augus 23 you can experience the exhibition "Transformation" in Silkeborg Bad, made in coorperation with Bettina Winkelmann

Bettina Winkelmann with German background and Nurith Lumer-Klabbers with Israeli background have lived in Denmark in many years. But they carry a legacy of World War 2 where trauma, stigma and cultural heritage from respectively Israel and Germany are in center. Together they develop a form of expression in which they work in layers and transparencies using canvas and plexiglass. In their works they illustrate the conflicts in the political and personal level in a form that is both specific and universal.


Exhibition at Baunhøj Mølle

18 female artist

Fernisering: Fredag den 14. august kl. 17.00    14. august-13. september 2015 Tirsdag-søndag kl. 13.00-17.00  Bavnehøjvej 31, 8500 Grenaa