"Working variously with pencil, charcoal, oil, and in what she calls “pencil paintings,” Nurith Lumer-Klabbers is singularly adept at creating space and weight with a few lines of black on white. She is a master of line, coaxing fluid strokes, hard streaks, shading and stippling out of her instrument in service of her minimal, visionary terrains. Though she skillfully renders architecture and sweeping scenery, Lumer-Klabbers is at her most evocative when she molds her own landscape out of mere suggestions of shape and depth. A flat plane comprised of short, spiky strokes could either be the foot of a hill or an entire forest. A dark funnel could be a giant tornado or simply the edge of a rain shower.

Always evocative and believable, the works each conjure a very real world without ever becoming specific. As the artist explains, “My present work is based on a spiritual perception of our universe.” Lumer-Klabbers has been influenced enormously by both her native Jerusalem and her adopted home of Denmark"